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​The original Bavarian Beer Carnival with over 40 brewers & 100 different brews & ciders

New larger glasses allows you to get a 4oz or 8oz pour

Stein Lifting, Keg tossing, Costume contest, Keg flipping, Wheel of Fortune, Plinko, 20' inflatable dart board

Field goal kicking, Football toss, Nerf gun shoot the light, Marshmallow gun shot, 

 ​EThe 5th annual Oktoberfest Vermont at one of the greatest event venues in the state - This event has sold out since it stated in 2015



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  • Oktoberfest Vermont: Friday 6:00 - 10:00pm Sept. 20, 2019

  • Oktoberfest Vermont: Saturday 5:30 - 9:30pm, Sept. 21, 2019