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Oktoberfest Vermont is proud to welcome these incredible brewers to our 7th event.  Annually we bring together the best local, regional, and world-renowned German brewers, cider makers, and even wineries for all to enjoy. 

Breweries availability may change but we will update any changes right away.

Ball card 2021_1.png
lawsons finest bball card 2021_1.png
tilted bball card 2021_1.png
Okto Baseball card LN.png
mill river bball card 2021.png
schlitz brau bb card 2021.png
dogfish bb card 2021.png
OL BB card 21.png
kurt schilling bb card 2021.png
switch bb card 2021_1.png
big tree bball card 2021_1.png
stonefaced BB 2021.png
TimberlandBrewCrew-02 PNG_2.png
ZG bball card 2021.png
vin trapp bb card 2021.png
DDC Baseball card_2.png
bball card 2021 stowe cider.png
bball card 2021 delerium.png
4 qtrs bb card 2021.png
good w bb card 2021.png
GM bb card 2021.png
bri bri bb card 2021.png
LP bball card 2021.png
Dirt Church BB Card 2021.png
Weird BB Card 2021.png
Rutland BB Card 2021.png
bball card 2021 citizen.png
Ayinger bball card 2021.png
bball card 2021 14th star.png
bball card 2021 queen city.png
hailyard bb card 2021.png
whienst bb card 2021.png
founders bb card 2021.png
browns bb card 2021.png
Banded BB Card 2021.png
Okto Baseball card BF.png
aa bb card 2021.png
Wormtown BB Card 2021.png
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